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What is 95 mask 1860 and n95 mask 3m 1860?

n95 mask 3m 1860 is a respiratory mask generally used by medical professionals. These masks are particularly designed to prevent entering of certain air-borne particles. It is able to prevent entry of particles of size as small as 100 microns. It is widely used by doctors during any surgery in operation theatres. It is spill resistant against fluids like blood and water. It is designed to meet the standard guidelines for controlling Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Other than this it also prevents other biological material like Bacillus anthracis and the virus related to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).n95 mask 3m 1860 is made up of different kinds of material for specific use. Such us straps are made of polyisopropene, staples are of steel, nose clips are of aluminium and filter is made up of polypropylene.

Features of n95 mask 3m 1860

*n95 mask 1860 has class 1 flammability rating

*n95 mask 3m 1860 has adjustable nose clip

*Each 1860 series mask is packed individually

*N95 is three panel respirator masks

*It majorly reduces the exposer of wearer from several airborne particles

Uses of n95 mask 3m 1860

These masks are generally used as a respirator during surgical works inside operation theatres. Other than doctors other health care professionals like nurses and medical students can also wear them. Due to its ability to prevent entering viruses causing Tuberculosis and influenza, many people are using it. It can be used as cautionary measure by people working around or nearby hospitals.

How to use n95 mask 1860 respiratory mask

*First of all separate the top and bottom panels to form a cup shape using the tab.

*Ensure that both panels are completely unfolded.

*Hold the respirator under your chin with cup shape toward your face. Then put on the nose piece and pull the straps over your head.

*For comfortable fitting adjust the top and bottom panels. Ensuring that the straps are not folded. Put the upper strap across the head and lower strap behind the ears.

*Pinch the nose piece according to the shape of nose with both of your hands for proper protection.

*Check the seal of the respirator properly before entering to the workplace.

Limitations of using n95 mask 1860

*It is a recommendation to conduct a fit test before using or assigning n95 mask 1860. If it does not fit properly avoid moving to contaminated places.

*Before using properly examine the product for any damage signs or missing parts. If any part is missing such as straps or staples dispose it immediately.

*Do not try to alter, repair or misuse the respirator.

*People having any kind of respiratory disorder such as asthma should conduct a physician prior using it.

*This product can be used in a temperature range of maximum 50 degree Celsius.

*Do not uses with any facial hairs or large beard which can prevent good sealing between mask and face.


N95 mask 3m 1860 respirator mask can save many people from harmful airborne particles. If properly used taking care of its user guidelines. Buy it now here.