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What does a n95 mask protect against? - know here!

Have you ever heard about the n95 mask? If you have a question in mind that what does a n95 mask protect against. Then read this article carefully to know about the usage and benefit of this mask. The N95 mask is a safety device. It covers the mouth and nose to protect the person from hazardous substances. As a result, breathing becomes safe and free of bad substances. However, the n95 mask protects us from breathing dust and mold present in the form of small particles in the air. Ninety-five percent of the mold and dust and the air are filtered out from this mask.

N95 mask - Best choice

Even if you cannot see the dust particles wear this mask that is particularly certified by NIOSH. However, wearing this mask is uncomfortable but the short term and long term health problem will take place if you don’t wear this mask. Therefore, for the disposable protection N95 surgical respirator is the first choice.

Importance of Respiratory protection

The air that has been contaminated by harmful smoke, vapors, dust, and gases, etc the respiratory system helps the workers to protect from this. However, wearing the respiratory system is one of the hassles but it will never be disregarded. Conversely, it may result in many health problems. In short, if your job requires always wears this mask.  

When n95 mask can be used

Usually, it depends on the working environment when this mask should be used. From the site of contamination, it ensures that it will not spread viral and bacterial. For example, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical industry produce many conterminous hazards. Therefore it will be compulsory for the people who work hears to wear this mask.

Unparalleled protection provider

A pandemic preparedness study has been rigorously tested N95 surgical mask. As a result of which it is found that it provides protection form many substances and diseases like SARS and H1N1 Avian Flu. For tuberculosis exposure control it also meets the CDC guidelines. However, it offers the wearer

*>99.99% Viral Filtration Efficiency

*>99.5% Particle Filtration Efficiency

*>99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

Furthermore, the NIOSH breathability performance specifications are also exceeded by the N95 Respirator. The tiny airborne particles smaller than 0.1-micron exposure are also covered by this mask as a result wearer is completely secured. Therefore it is ideal for electro-cautery and laser procedures.

Flat-fold and molded option available

The n95 mask is available in a flat fold and molded option. It fits all sizes and shapes and comparatively more comfortable.

Convenience and Hygiene

Usually, Boxes of 20 units is used for packaging the flat fold mask. Particularly until the need arises they are ideally sized into the pocket. However, for hygiene purposes, they are individually bagged.

Fuss-free allergy free

People who are sensitive to latex, PVC, and silicone N95 surgical respirator are free from these materials. However, there is no fuss to disinfect them before use as they are disposable


Lastly from the overall article, I believe that that answer to your question what does a n95 mask protect against is answered. As a result, the N95 mask protects us from various dust particles which may cause many health problems. Therefore using the N95 mask will be good for the health especially those who are working in some particular industries where these particles are large in number.  Buy it now here.